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Explore Australia's Most Comprehensive Renewable Energy Map

Keep up to date on the Australian energy sector with RenewMap's market intelligence platform.

Industry-leading market intelligence to keep you ahead of the curve

Easy to use

The mapping platform is easy to use, with no specialist skills required, just a simple and familiar interface.

Up-to-date and accurate information

Get a consolidated view of the Australian energy sector, with highly accurate and up-to-date information.

Increased efficiency

Streamline research and decision-making processes using information from a single, consolidated platform.

The single, consolidated mapping platform for energy project data

Explore up to date energy project data, technical information, transmission networks, satellite and street maps, renewable resource map layers, Renewable Energy Zones and more.

Learn more about RenewMap's expansive feature set

Interactive Map

An interactive and user-friendly map to explore and visualise the energy sector. Filter and select projects by technology, status, developer, geographic location and more.

Project Database

Project database with up-to-date project information and highly accurate locations for more than 3,000 energy projects across Australia and New Zealand Aotearoa.

Transmission Networks

Overlay detailed and up-to-date electricity networks, including operating transmission and distribution networks, substations and more.

Real-time updates

Receive live updates and notifications on new project additions, project updates and other important changes in the renewable energy sector.

Data Export and API

Export project data, a snapshot of the map, or seamlessly integrate the RenewMap project database of over 3,000 energy projects into your own internal systems.

Map Data Overlays

Overlay high resolution wind and solar resource maps, Renewable Energy Zones and a Wind Turbine Database of over 20,000 wind turbine locations across Australia and New Zealand.

See what some of our customers are saying:

As a professional in the renewable energy sector, I have found immense value in RenewMap's platform. It offers a user-friendly interface, accurate project locations and boundaries and an extensive database of energy projects in Australia.

RenewMap is growing into a vital tool for our team and has enhanced the way we work, providing crucial insights for smarter decisions in this rapidly evolving industry. I would recommend RenewMap to anyone who is looking to stay up to date on the sector.

Kim van Hattum Head of Development
Mint Renewables

Our experience with RenewMap has been excellent; the comprehensive database and dynamic features are a game-changer for keeping up to date with our quickly evolving industry.

It’s a must-have companion for anyone seeking a competitive edge and a deeper understanding of the Australian energy landscape.

Highly recommended.

Matthew Parton Director
Stromlo Energy

Frequently Asked Questions

The RenewMap project database is updated daily. New energy projects are being added constantly and existing projects are tracked for updates and changes.

Yes, with an active RenewMap subscription, you can download the full project database, or easily download high resolution images and maps.

Yes, with the API Access add-on, you can easily integrate the comprehensive RenewMap project database of over 3,000 energy projects into your own internal systems, including popular GIS platforms like ArcGIS and QGIS and software for further analysis (Microsoft Power BI and more).

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