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Data Overlays

Overlay high resolution renewables resource maps, Renewable Energy Zones, new transmission network developments and a Wind Turbine Database of over 18,000 wind turbine locations across Australia and New Zealand Aotearoa.

High resolution wind and solar resource maps

Enhance renewable energy site selection

RenewMap consolidates project infrastructure footprints, renewable energy resource maps and transmission networks in one consolidated platform.

New transmission network developments

Detailed transmission infrastructure corridors

The Data Overlays addon incorporates new major transmission projects. Keep up to date as they progress through development and planning.

Explore network opportunities

Combined with the RenewMap project database, explore areas of the transmission network with opportunities for development.

Hunter Transmission Project, NSW

See what some of our customers are saying:

As a professional in the renewable energy sector, I have found immense value in RenewMap's platform. It offers a user-friendly interface, accurate project locations and boundaries and an extensive database of energy projects in Australia.

RenewMap is growing into a vital tool for our team and has enhanced the way we work, providing crucial insights for smarter decisions in this rapidly evolving industry. I would recommend RenewMap to anyone who is looking to stay up to date on the sector.

Kim van Hattum Head of Development
Mint Renewables

Our experience with RenewMap has been excellent; the comprehensive database and dynamic features are a game-changer for keeping up to date with our quickly evolving industry.

It’s a must-have companion for anyone seeking a competitive edge and a deeper understanding of the Australian energy landscape.

Highly recommended.

Matthew Parton Director
Stromlo Energy

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